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Rules and Eligibility

  • Applicants must be pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in a discipline listed below with the intention of pursuing that discipline as a career.
  • Undergraduate students must be citizens of the United States or possess a Green Card (formally known as a Permanent Resident Card or Form I-551). Having DACA certification and or a Social Security number does not make you eligible.
  • For graduate students, jurors may consider international students if they meet the other eligibility requirements, are enrolled in a Graduate School program within the United States, and the impact of their work will have a significant impact in the United States.
  • Applicants must be enrolled and matriculated (or planning to matriculate) at accredited colleges and universities in the United States for the Fall 2024/Spring 2025 academic school year with the intention of maintaining full-time status for the entire year. If you do not yet know which school you will attend, put your first choice.
  • Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • Scholarships are only awarded to those students who are in financial need. Applicants must, therefore, provide complete financial aid information on the scholarship form and have it approved by his/her/their Financial Aid Officer.
  • Talent and financial need are significant factors in the review process.
  • Though not a requirement, diversity of racial-ethnic groups as well as gender, sexual orientation, ability and disability, age, and other factors that shape creative perspective and professional experience are significant factors considered in jury decisions.

Declared Majors/Areas of Study

Students may apply in only one discipline and it must be the student’s major area of study. We do not offer scholarships to students with only minors in these disciplines. Eligible disciplines include:

  • Communication design (includes: graphic and visual design, interaction design, game design)

  • Illustration (includes: animation and computer animation)

  • Photography

Additional Criteria

  • Creative talent and commitment to giving back to the community are primary factors in the review and selection process.
  • Student portfolios (work samples) and written statements should demonstrate a clear career path and point of view along with a commitment to positive social change, environmental responsibility, and cultural awareness through the practice of communication design, including photography, illustration or graphic design.
  • This scholarship aims to increase representation in the profession. While not a requirement for eligibility, jurors consider race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and disability (e.g. neurodivergent or physical), age, and other factors (e.g. military service) that shape creative perspective and professional experience when reviewing applications.

*A.I. Generated or Assisted art is not eligible. We will not consider A.I. text-to-image generated work samples or self-portraits.


All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. PT on April 21, 2024 to be eligible for the 2024/2025 scholarship.

Applications must be be completed and submitted online. Please follow all instructions carefully. Incomplete or late applications won’t be considered.

Terms and Conditions

All applications are subject to the rules as stated.

All applicants must consent that all information supplied in the online application form is accurate and truthful.

All applicants must recognize the owner of all rights in the work and/or possesses the right to authorize the reproduction and display of the accepted works and to grant the rights identified herein.

All applicants must certify that the work submitted does not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks.

Decisions of the jurors on all matters during judging, including qualifications and categories, are final. 

All applicants grant to AIGA the right to exhibit and reproduce self-portraits, as submitted in the application, in its entirety or in part, in any media now known or hereafter created, including but not limited to exhibitions, publications, and on AIGA’s websites and partner websites; as well as for promotion of AIGA scholarship-related editorial or events, each without limitation of any kind. Intellectual property remains with the creator.

All applicants understand that infringement always triggers disqualification, even if it’s discovered after the juror selections have been announced. AIGA reserves the right to disqualify work that it finds to be compromised as to originality, legitimacy, or eligibility after review and final decision by the jurors.

All applicants expressly agree that AIGA shall not be liable and agree to release and indemnify AIGA for any expenses related to any disputes or errors concerning artistic conception, ownership, or any other matters relating to the ownership and rights granted herein as they relate to any of the entered works.

All applicants grant permission for AIGA to contact the school financial aid office of their institution to release personal financial information in conjunction with this application to confirm enrollment and financial need.